Website Ideas “How to create your own Website A to Z”

Most people think about website ideas to design a website for their profession, but due to lots of confusion they drops their ideas. Now a days everyone wants to create a website either they are shopkeepers or business man. Even a student also want to make its own portfolio website to earn some extra money using blogging.

It’s a good idea to have website so today we are going to clear all your doubts and confusion, So you can have website without any hesitation.

First of all there are lots of website ideas available in the web world, You can choose one of them or can also design your own.

To Create a website you should have 3 basic components:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Website Files
  1. Domain: domain is nothing but a name of your website. You can use anything as your domain name it should be related to your profession or profile. Once a domain name is purchased and set it cannot be changed, you have to purchase a new one if you want to change. A domain is always unique to domain with same name cannot be exist. A domain name is look like There are 3 parts of a domain name that are:
    • www – “www” is known as World Wide Web it is as a subdomain for world of web. It is an information system where documents and other web resources are identified by URL
    • yourdomainname – “yourdomainname” it could be any thing as i have told you above. For example if you are an accountant and your name is Manoj then you can use your domain name as “accountantmanoj” and full domain name will look like one more example for this if you have a shop and you want to create website for your shop then it can be or
    • .xyz – “.xyz” it refers to any thing from a specific category, it means every “.” and its following part is for a reason. For example if you are running a commercial business then you should purchase a commercial domain name i.e. “.com” or if you are running a educational center or institution then you must use domain name as “.edu” it stands for education. Like these there are lots of domain name available while making a selection. Some of these are as following:
      • .com stands for Commercial
      • .org stands for Organization
      • .edu stands for Education
      • .in stands for India
      • .gov stands for Government
      • .ac stands for academic institution
        and there are lots of more
  2. Hosting: Hosting is the second component if you are going to set a website or you have or already purchased a domain. Everyone provide different Website ideas to tell you how to design website but we are telling you point to point and what exactly you need. Hosting is like a computer running all 365/366 days of year. It does runs out of electricity and memory. It stores your website files and data(These files and data are created by the developers, and these developers are called website designer and developer).
    Once you purchase your domain you need to find a location to point your domain. Means when someone search your domain name over the internet they should get your website files on their computer at the same, and these file shown to them only when it is stored on a running computer without any interrupt. That computer is called server and when you get the space on that computer it is called hosting.
    In short you domain points to a computer which hosts your website files. Whole process is called Hosting.
    There are lots of hosting providers with different hosting packages. You can choose on of them wisely. Some of these most famous are:
  3. Website Files(Web Development): Website files refers to designing of website. Once you got both above components you need to develop your website. Development of website refers to creating your website from scratch. Everything needs to be designed your Home page, About page, Contact page etc. All these pages and media and files will include in a folder and it will called your website files. And whole the process of creating, coding and assembling all files is known as web development. You have two options Cheaper & Expensive to get a Website Files(Web Development). Cheaper one is Themes and Expensive one is Custom Website Development. Let me also explain you about themes and custom websites. Themes are cheaper because these are designed to look like a same format means if two people are using same theme then their website will look like same only content could be different. Themes are also heavy to load. It makes your website slow to load when someone visit your site on Google because there are lots of unwanted codes in the theme that you may not use for your website. But still themes are best option is you are looking for any Cheaper website. Now let me explain you about custom website. Custom Websites are fast to load there is extra codes. It will be according to your design and desired, also custom website will be unique. There is no any possibility to look like some other website until you want it to be. Custom Website will be fully SEO Optimized and SEO can be performed easily without any interruption. That’s the reason why custom website are expensive. You can get theme and custom website and packages according to your budget choose them wisely:

So Guys, I’ve described everything about the website and now you are aware of all the website ideas. Now you can design a website for your profession without hesitation. This is the whole process to create a website and be visible on Google. If you have any query and doubt in any corner of your mind then you can ask me or comment in the below comment box. I’ll be there to clear your doubt as soon as possible. Thanks for reading! Have nice day!